Jeff Ascough & Marcus Bell


今次到英國的主要目的是聽一個Seminar的,分別由Jeff Ascough & Marcus Bell兩位大師主講,其實我的英文水準有限,當初的遲而不決就是怕自己聽不懂,及後在Ken的鼓勵下,也是報了名的,慶幸席間自己也能大至明白他們所說的,但詳細就真的不能了,而當天他們也播了一些他們作品的slideshow,真的使我很感動,因為真的真的很美,尤其是Marcus Bell的作品,我是比校喜歡,他很能補捉到很多感人的片段、表情,相片的述事性很高,也很有美感,我相信在香港,不同的文化、人種、環境,未必能做就到相同的照片,但於我來說,使我看到另一個層面的攝影,我很開心,覺得不住此行,當然我不能與他們相提,但能看到婚禮攝影的另一境界,使我很開心!也有了一個新方向!




這位便是Marcus Bell啦,真的很喜歡他的作品。

對「Jeff Ascough & Marcus Bell」的想法

  1. I love the work of Jeff Ascough as well. The way he uses Black and White to bring out the subject. But… after checking out Macus’ website, I agree that his work is even more amazing, like a painting for each one of them. The best picture is always merging the subjects (bride and groom) with the environment. Thanks for your sharing.

  2. the master of wedding photographer!! I love jeff ‘s work a lot !!! His wedding B/W work is the best. so jealous of you that can learn from him!!!

  3. Wah~~Lawrence你好靚仔呀!點解你係英國個樣靚過係香港咁多既??點解你去到英國先jel頭既??好有星味呀!!你呢個look好得呀!!!mabel

  4. hi lawrence, u’ve finally decided to change your hair style?? not too used to see a short hair lawrence but u do look good! 🙂

  5. 你班友仔,居然會留意這些,不過都多謝各位,hehe,其實我說長髮真的是我差不多兩年都很忙而留下來的,最近有空終於攪掂佢啦,其實自已都唔慣的,而且其實我唔係好識打扮,好林好快個頭就會出事架啦!hehhee

  6. Then I should take some credits haha 🙂 because I was the one who took these two photos. I was surprised when I picked him from Paris International Airport.. what a fresh,energetic look. Ken

  7. Just have a quick look at your blog…you look very “fresh" after you have your new hair cut!!! Look more stylish!

  8. 新髮型, 新經驗, 新思維~~~加油加油,支持支持~~新一輯好靚丫!!!不過一定好累啦,有時差,又飛機訓唔睹,又熱,完成明白果種辛苦,係lawrence您先攪得掂~~

  9. Lawrence, you remind me of 木村拓哉 in this drama – Love Generation! hairstyles before and after are the same. He had ponytail then later, he cut it short and permed it like you. 😀 Well I think everyone here agrees that your new hairstyle suits you very well. So cool!

  10. Oh my God, Jeff Ascough….. He’s my super idol in black and white wedding photography! I still remember he was still using his Leica, but now he has been digitalized with his Canon! I wish I can meet Jeff in person too!!!

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