2 vision of love

Join Lawrence Tsang and DM in Sydney

Come and experience the sensation of Sydney and frame your happy memories in your pre-wedding photos! Lawrence Tsang and DM are going to take you to the most picturesque part of the city where you can chill out and have your photos taken by the two dedicated photographers! This one-day pre-wedding photo shooting package is going to include a minimum of 4 pairs of couples and will take place at 15-23 June, 2009. Air-tickets and Hotel of Lawrence Tsang and DM are exempted from your package price! So what are you waiting for? Contact us by email info@lawrencetsang.com now! See you in Sydney!


本篇發表於 Pre-Wedding。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

6 Responses to 2 vision of love

  1. Anonymous 說道:

    好正呀, 一次過可以有兩位的所拍的相, 真是難得的機會…唔知我之前有冇話比你知, 我會2010jan 結婚了, 如果有什麼想玩想試我地都好玩得gar.哈哈.Fm: kamXchan (in China now)

  2. cm 說道:


  3. KL 說道:

    Lawrence & Dm, it is a good idea. I wish you both every success in this trip in Sydney.Congratulations KamXChan for your wedding in Jan 2010.

  4. Lawrencetsang.com 說道:

    Kam恭喜晒!大個仔結婚啦,hehe,幾號呀?唔要開工,過黎飲,影返張相先!KLthanks 呀!你呢?巴黎之旅成行嗎?希望你在工作中都快些找到轉機啦!努力!Lawrence Tsang

  5. KL 說道:

    Paris confirmed! but still a bit down lei. 🙂

  6. Anonymous 說道:

    Any plan of coming to Vancouver or Seattle? From a Bride-to-be in Vancouver



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