2009 8X10 2nd Half Print Competition Results

今次是我第一次參加WPPI的比賽,今早從mail內得知自己有11張作品得到excellence awards,對我來說,已是很好的結果;因自己真的沒有太大的期望,因為看見其它人的作品,都很特別的,都很靚的。



First time to join WPPI competition, just be informed that I got 11 pics for Accolades of Excellence! For me, it’s already a bless.. as I saw the pics from my friends, all of them are great!!!

From the experience, how to select the pics is a big headache. It’s required a lot of time to do it. Postpone again and again to start preparing. Which pics will fit the “taste" of judges?

Finally, escape from the distracting thoughts, select the prints just depends on what I like most. Next time, need to spend more time to do it. Hope I can get better results in next competition.

Will share the 11 pics for Accolades of Excellence later!! Coming soon… hehe.

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3 Responses to 2009 8X10 2nd Half Print Competition Results

  1. luntangphoto 說道:


  2. Sunnysan 說道:

    Congratulation.. great job !

  3. kam 說道:

    Yeah!!! 快d post d 相share 下, 期待中….



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