Rita & Gary

Rita & Gary 的 pre wedding 是由我拍攝的,所以今天是第二次見他們的了,看見他們,都是那一句,很難得有一對新人是男、女都靚仔靚女的呢!而且最難得的是都有好好的笑容。



Rita & Gary took engagement shooting with me in early 2009. This is the 2nd time I met them. Rita is beautiful & elegant and Gary is smart and handsome. Also, both of them are sunny and cheerful!!

Whole day in Tungchung, but not much time to have the portrait session, we just shoot @ pier. Sunny day with sunny couple, nice shot, rgt?

Although I will have job tmr in Taipo @ 7am, still waiting for the charging batteries. Post some pics for today…

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3 Responses to Rita & Gary

  1. luntangphoto 說道:

    beautiful and nice~

  2. Rita & Gary 說道:

    Lawrence, Thank you so much for your great effort yesterday!
    We love the photo very much! All our friends like it as well!
    Thanks again!!!

  3. Rita & Gary 說道:

    Lawrence, thank you so much for your great effort yesterday!
    We love the photo slide show very much! All of our friends like it as well.
    We are looking forwards to receive your great photos!
    Thank again!!!



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