Good’s Family Photo

在我的拍攝經驗裡,兒童的拍攝,是最困難的,因你不會知道他們何時想睡,想玩、想停…..我們也很難安排他們的活動,所以,Family Photo的最大難關,是如何拍好小朋友,關於這點,我仍在努力摸索中呢! 不過這正正也是Family Photo的吸引之處,它不會像婚禮攝影,攝影師是可以安排、預見到將會發生的事,它是不可預知的,但驚喜也往往由此而來。

在多次的拍攝經驗中,有一點可以和大家分享的,是Family Photo的拍攝,攝影師一定要好有耐性,也要有愛心,因他不同於一般的攝影,要有好的照片,是不能有行貨的。


From my shooting experience, shoot with children is the most difficult one. As you won’t know, when they want to sleep, when they want to play, or even stop. Also, we can’t arrange their poses, or what they do. Still try to find a good way to shoot better. Also, it’s the most attractive point that we can’t predict and we can have surprise in every moment.

Shoot with Good’s family this time. They both have beautiful blue eyes. All the kids are lovely, also, energetic. It’s difficult to make them having a group photo. But anyway, we can have snapshots from their plays. I know Good’s family may want some b/w photos, retouched one for them.

Hope u enjoy some photos first! Tks~

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One Response to Good’s Family Photo

  1. The fotos are very nice indeed!
    Kids and babies portrait is very challenging but full of happiness!! 🙂


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