Heidi & Victor


Heidi和Victor在澳門的pre wedding也是由我拍攝的,他們都是一對很友善,很健談的客人,所以對這天好日子的來臨,也很期待。

Heidi是一個很細心也很易擔心的人, 不過Victor絕對是個可信賴的人,記得當日Victor在多個場合內,多謝太太和家人時,我想,身旁的每個人,也被他真誠的說話打動,Victor是一個摯誠的君子,能替他們拍照,心裡滿是歡喜的。


Although I have experienced in wedding shooting, experienced to join a lot of weddings, I still be touched by someone and something happens.

We had the prewedding shooting in Macau for Heidi & Victor a year ago. They are nice and willing to share. Now, get exited to join their wedding day.

Heidi is a thoughtful girl, but she is also very easy to worry about; Victor is definitely a trustworthy person, he is sincere and gentle. I remember, in a number of occasions that day, when Victor thanks sincere to his wife and family, all the participants will be touched, and feel the love.

Very happy to know them… Not only for the money I took, it’s the respect, it’s the appreciation that I have gained. Please to have so many thoughtful &  sincere clients I ever met. To you all, Cheers~




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One Response to Heidi & Victor

  1. Yummie 說道:

    Dear Lawrance,
    You guys did a great job at Heidi and Victor’s wedding, the photos and video so beautifully captured those precious moments. Well done!
    Heidi’s friend



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