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當想再update多份Wedding Day 的相片時,眼尾掃過電腦內有份初生BB的照片,想想,好像很少放初生BB的相,加上這份相,我自已都好喜歡,因為由拍孕照開始,我們就有心經營了某些畫面,待BB出世後,再於相同環境,做返同樣的動作,可說是境物依舊,人面不是全非,而是多了個小生命。 其實我自已好喜歡自已影的family photo,hehe,因為能影到他們"家人"之間的關系,一重很難用言喻的感覺,攝影師是如旁觀者般,在記錄一些畫面,或是攝影師本身,就入了相片的內容當中,參予其中的,其實是有分別的,祇是不是個個能體驗相片中這細微的變化。 可能好多人唔明我在說些甚麼,不要緊啦,睇相去!hehe

(Translate by Dexter, thanks)
When I wanted to update you with more Wedding Day photos, a folder of newborn photos caught the corner of my eyes. Thinking of it, it seems I rarely post newborn photos; on top of that, I really like these, because from pregnancy, I’ve already been planning these shots, waiting for the baby to be born so we can return to the came locations, with the same pose. Like a little nostalgia, with the same faces, but with a new little one.
To be honest, I really like the family photos I take, hehe, because I can capture the relationships in people’s “family". There is a feeling that is very hard to describe. Is a photographer is like a bystander observer, recording a scene, or is the photographer really part of the story, one of the participants? In actuality, there is a real difference, but it’s so subtle that not everyone can appreciate it.
A lot of people may not know what I am talking about, but it’s ok, just enjoy the pictures! hehe


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