we will reply within 1 day after email us (by
Address:           5/F., Kong Ling Building, 100 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, H.K.
(By Appointment only)
Contact No.:     (852) 3580 7906

7 Responses to Contacts

  1. chunkimpo 說道:

    HI Lawrence.

           可否send個quotation給我們.可以的話,時間上/最快可以幾時呢 ?
         thanks a lot .

  2. Sylvia 說道:

    Hi Lawrence,
    One of my friends recommend you to me. I’m going to get married on 23/1/2011 and I want someone to take photos and snapshot (and video if there is a package), how much does each of the item cost and will there be a price for different packages? Thanks.

  3. K.K.Lee 說道:

    Hi Lawrence,
    麻煩你 send 一個 quotation 給我。(2012年 12月22日,wedding day 全日,淨拍照) 謝謝。

  4. pp 說道:

    想要你的rate card啊可以嗎?thanks!!!

  5. Vivian 說道:

    Hi Lawrence,

    Are you available for overseas pre-shooting in Europe between end of September to early of Oct? How much is the cost?


    From My iPhone

    • LawrenceTsang 說道:

      Hi Vivian:
      woild you mind let me know your e mail address, than I can mail more detail to you?
      sure you also can contact me in 9042 7691, many thanks
      Lawrence Tsang


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