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we will reply within 1 day after email us.
Address:           B2, 12/F., Chiap King Ind. Bldg., 114 King Fuk Street, San Po Kong, Kln., H.K.
(By Appointment only)
Contact No.:     (852) 3580 7906

對「Contact Us」的想法

  1. HI Lawrence.

           可否send個quotation給我們.可以的話,時間上/最快可以幾時呢 ?
         thanks a lot .

  2. Hi Lawrence,
    One of my friends recommend you to me. I’m going to get married on 23/1/2011 and I want someone to take photos and snapshot (and video if there is a package), how much does each of the item cost and will there be a price for different packages? Thanks.

  3. Hi, may I have your wedding day package pricelist sent to my email? is videography part of it? thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Lawrence,

    I would like to take 3 generation photos with 8 adult and 8 twins baby girls.
    Please kindly provide the rate and the possible date for photo taking. I prefer weekend for the photo shooting. Thank you!


  5. Hi Lawrence,

    My big is 30/5/2013 (Thur). Will you be available on that day? May I have your rate card?

  6. Hi Lawrence,
    麻煩你 send 一個 quotation 給我。(2012年 12月22日,wedding day 全日,淨拍照) 謝謝。

  7. Hi Lawrence,
    請你send個quotation 給我,你影既相好靚呀。我大日子係2013年12月20日,謝謝。

  8. Dear Lawrence,

    My big day would be on Sep1,2013.

    I would be greatly appreciated if you could kindly provide me the rate card for Wedding Day.



  9. 你好,我同男友會在15年10月3日結婚,我們想找你幫我們拍wedding day 的相,唔知你有冇一啲連有snapshot 同video 的package 呢??或者有冇其他package 呢??

  10. Hi Lawrence,

    Are you available for overseas pre-shooting in Europe between end of September to early of Oct? How much is the cost?


    From My iPhone

    1. Hi Vivian:
      woild you mind let me know your e mail address, than I can mail more detail to you?
      sure you also can contact me in 9042 7691, many thanks
      Lawrence Tsang

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